How many times have you tried to sleep in, but the morning sun peeks through your shades or window treatments? Or, during the evening, the hot sun beams through your windows, making the room uncomfortable. Natural sunlight is wonderful for many different reasons, but it’s extremely bright. Draper Solar Shades are the perfect addition for your home or business for blocking out the irritating sunlight. No one needs to avoid one specific room or multiple rooms because it’s just too bright or too hot at specific times in the day. What separates these shades from any other shade though? Here’s why you need Draper Solar Shades for your home or business:

Solar Heat Gain: These shades are essential for both preventing sunlight getting into your room, as well as keeping the room cool. While regular shades keep the sunlight out, they don’t prevent the heat from getting in. If you have air conditioning, it will be working double-time trying to get this room comfortable. Draper Solar Shades will not allow the heat to get through keeping the room cool and comfortable no matter what time of day it is.

Why Draper Solar Shades Are The Perfect Addition For Any Home & Business 1

More Privacy: If you’re looking to have some privacy these shades are darker in color and have smaller openings. This means that when you have the shades down you’ll be able to still see out but no one will be able to see in very well.
Light Pollution: Your shades are just as important when the sun goes down. Light pollution from street lights, passing cars, and more can disrupt your area more than you think. Too much light pollution can result in stress, anxiety, fatigue, and headaches. Opaque fabrics of the shades can help reduce excessive light pollution throughout the night.

Visual Organization: Draper Solar Shades are designed to blend with most exterior paint colors. It creates a sense of organization and purpose on your porch or business even if the shades are being installed as an afterthought.

Why Draper Solar Shades Are The Perfect Addition For Any Home & Business 2