When was the last time you changed out the blinds on the windows? With the exception of a quick dusting, have you thoroughly inspected them recently? Because of the direct sunlight, especially on the brightest part of the day, blinds usually last about eight years. After that, they tend to start showing their age. Another factor is if you have animals who enjoy looking out the window, and even curious children, damage can happen before the lifespan of your window treatment is up. Here are a few signs it’s time to contact Penn Blinds to replace your current set.

Slats Are Warped or Bent: One of the most common issues is broken or warped slats on the blinds. Usually, it’s within reaching distance of children and pets. If it’s one or two slats, they can be easily replaced. However, if several are damaged it means the blinds may not be able to hold up to the daily life of the house. In this instance, it would be less expensive to replace them with more durable blinds.

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They’re Hard to Raise: Blinds should be very easy to raise because of the pulley system it uses. If you’re continuously having issues raising the blinds it could be one of two issues. The first is that the lifting mechanism might be damaged somehow from overuse due to age or something else. The second issue is that the cord is too short to handle the width of the blinds.

Frayed Cords: Another good indication is the cords are starting to fray because of the age of the blinds or something in the mechanism is wearing down the cord. The more the cord is fraying the closer it to snapping completely.

Blinds Don’t Close: Blinds are supposed to act as privacy and a sun blocker. If the slats don’t close completely, it means the tilting mechanism is acting up or broken. If you’re able to get a replacement mechanism the entire blind will have to be recorded.

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They’re Out Of Style: Are the blinds original from when you moved in? Have you recently updated the room and want the blinds to match? Your blinds don’t have to be falling apart to want to replace them. We have several styles and colors to choose from that will match the rest of your room perfectly!

Cordless Blinds: Cordless blinds are becoming more popular in homes with children or curious pets. There isn’t a cord that can cause any issues or get in the way. On top of that, it’s extremely convenient to use. The biggest issue is when it stops working or breaks altogether. They can be very difficult to repair. Sometimes the best option is to have them replaced.

Are your window treatments broken or not meeting your expectations? Contact Penn Blinds today! Our product quality and exceptional service will give your home the look it deserves!