Whether you’re in the process of redecorating the entire room or are simply looking to update your window treatments, it’s hard figuring out what will be the perfect fit. You may not have realized how many options there are to choose from. At Penn Blinds we have a wonderful selection of both shutters and blinds to choose from. If they all serve a similar purpose then why is to so hard to figure out which one is the best? It comes down to the lifestyle of the family and the overall style of the room. Here are a few things to consider when you’re deciding between blinds and shutters.

  • The Cost: Usually, the blinds seen in home improvement stores or even the local department store are less expensive. Unfortunately, they’re basically one-size-fits-all and there’s not much variation. They’re also not meant to last because of how flimsy they are. Custom made blinds are much sturdier and can easily last around five years with the proper maintenance. Custom shutters take the cake lasting 50 years or more depending on their maintenance.
horizontal shades
  • Different Maintenance Techniques: Blinds tend to be thinner with a small gap in between each blind. You do have to be a little careful when dusting because of how small the gap is. Shutters are wider and don’t take as much time to dust. The amount of space could be a factor in how much time you have to clean each week.
horizontal shades
  • Light Control: If you’re looking to reduce as much light as possible like for a bedroom or a room where the sun shines directly in blinds may not be the best option on their own. With how the rope and pulley system is set up there’s still plenty of room space for light to get through. Because of the width shutters tend to be and how they operate you’re able to get more control over how much light comes into the room.

If you’re still having issues trying to pick out what’s right for your room and lifestyle, contact us at Penn Blinds today!