If you are looking for cellular or honeycomb shades, The Color Lux Collection exclusively from Comfortex is the perfect choice.  Each collection is composed of beautiful linen fabric featuring touchable soft threads which create a distinct natural appearance. These shades are available in both light filtering and room darkening. This collection provides the opportunity to introduce color into your window treatments.

Choose from one of four unique color collections: Timeless neutrals, Perfect Pastels, Natures Elements, and Vivid Expressions. 

The Timeless Collection is a classic collection of off-whites and neutrals which bring both radiance and life to any room.

The Perfect Pastels Collection is a collection of light, airy colors which add a level of softness and gentleness to any living space.

The Natures Element Collection is comprised of the impressive colors of nature.  These colors in combination with a rustic décor create a cozy and tranquil environment. 

The Vivid Expressions Collection includes an extension collection of vibrant colors.  These colors will undoubtedly kindle a sense of energy in your home. Try incorporating some of these radiant colors in your home to give each room a sense of zing or vitality.

Any of the four honeycomb Color Lux Collections featured by Comfortex will not only enhance the beauty and of your home, but will also provide an added advantage of minimizing drafts and substantially improving energy efficiency.