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Window Treatments for Tall Windows

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Blinds and Shades for Tall Windows 

There are many reasons why people choose to cover their tall windows. Some people may want to cover them to provide privacy or block out sunlight, while others may want to make their room feel cozier and more intimate. Whatever your reason for covering tall windows, you will find that there are several different types of blinds and shades that can be used to fit this purpose.

Measuring your Tall Windows

Before you start shopping for blinds and shades, you need to measure your tall windows. Measure the height and width of your windows to ensure that you get the right fit. Keep in mind that if you have a large expanse of windows, you may need multiple blinds or shades to cover the entire area.

If you’re unsure how to measure your windows, here are some tips:

Measure from the top down. The measurement should include any hardware or trim.

Measure from left to right and inside to outside corners where the edges meet. If necessary, use a ruler to draw a straight line between these points so that you can use it as a guide for measuring other areas of your window.

Most blinds and shades are made with slats that are 2″ wide by 1/2″ deep, so adjust measurements accordingly if your window is wider than 60″.

Selecting the Right Shade or Blind

When it comes to selecting blinds for tall windows, the most common type of window treatments are vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are ideal for tall windows because they come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can easily find one that matches your style perfectly. They also come in different fabrics such as bamboo and faux wood, which adds another layer of charm to your room’s design.

Another type of window treatment that will work well with tall windows is roller shades. Roller shades are known for being easy-to-use and versatile; they can be used on large or small windows as well as sliding doors or patio doors. In addition, roller shades come in many different colors so you can choose one that matches your home décor perfectly!

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are another excellent choice for tall windows. These shades are made up of multiple layers of fabric that form a honeycomb-shaped cell. This design provides excellent insulation and light control. Cellular shades are available in a range of opacities, from sheer to blackout.

Customizing Your Blinds and Shades

Customizing your blinds and shades can help ensure that they fit perfectly and enhance the beauty of your home. Many manufacturers offer custom sizing and a variety of options, including motorization and remote control.

Talk to our Designer

Choosing the right blinds and shades for your tall windows can be challenging, but with the right information, you can find the perfect window treatments that provide privacy, light control, and enhance the beauty of your home. Consider your needs, the types of blinds and shades available, the materials, and customization options to make the best design decisions.

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