Make the Sun a Shady Portion of your Outdoor Design

Spring is just around the corner. It is time to think about installing a SUNAIR® retractable awning from Penn Blinds. The benefits of awnings go far beyond aesthetic appeal.  Awnings can add dimension, shape and color which truly enhances the appearance of any home and business. More importantly, awnings expand your living space, protect your furniture and pets from the sun, as well as enhance your outdoor oasis. Talk to the experts at Penn Blinds about customizing Retractable Awnings, Solar shades and Pergolas to your outdoor oasis.

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We offer a superior product, service, and an exceptional experience. Likewise, we dedicate ourselves to meet your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. Our team of expert designers can help you decide on the perfect accent pieces for your windows. Of course, they’ll make sure that everything matches your room’s aesthetic and brings a new feel to your home. In short, give each room the amazing personality it deserves with our effective window treatments. In addition, we offer a complimentary shop at home experience. Furthermore, this includes an expert measurement and professional window and blind installs. So, contact us today to schedule your experience or stop by our shop to see the fantastic offerings we provide!

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